I was raised in an auction house.. I was fortunate as a child to see Old English Double Rifles and Shotguns, and on occasion, cased duelling pistols.  I saw my first gambler's gun and garter gun in the 1960's. By the time I was 12 I had completed a firearms safety course given (get this!) at the YMCA in Victoria BC..Then, I started shooting trap at the Victoria Fish and Game Club.  That club was situated where the nature house is located at Goldstream Park at the base of the Malahat..  We shot out over the estuary into the inlet.   Once the fix was in, I acquired and shot hundreds of different firearms over the years..  I carried a gun as a police officer for the majority of my adult life, both in and out of uniform.

About the founder.

Quote of the day.

Bring some serious humility to firearms.. If you do not, they will bring it to you..   You cannot call a bullet back.

Do not be afraid of firearms.. Be cautious..  Practice safe gun.. You will live long and prosper!